Do we run in the snow?

Ok guys!

It’s been asked…so I shall answer!

The question? Do we run in the snow? The answer: ‘Hell yah we do!!’
In fact, one of my favorite times to run is when it snows and just after it snows. The city is so quiet, it’s like a h

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oliday. The crunch under your shoes…well, that is music to my ears!

The same rules apply: layer up with a technical layer closest to your body, then you can layer on top with warmer clothing. If you have a water repellant jacket–bonus! Don’t forget your hat and gloves and you are set! Trust me, it’s not so slick that you can’t run! And…IT’S FUN!!

So, even though the forecast calls for a snowy mix tomorrow…don’t let that deter you! I’ll be at the box waiting for you and ready to hit the outside tomorrow!

Got it!!

Now…now no more questions…just get your gear laid out and I will see you tomorrow at CrossFit NYC! Don’t be late!

I don't recommend this attire...but it sure will make a statement if you run in your skivies!

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