My CrossFit athlete…and now runner… Patrick

So, to say I love my athletes is an understatement!

We form a huge bond: me, my runners, my CrossFitters…my team.


Because doing CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance WODs…well, they are humbling. It is, to me, the purest example of humanity. We are stripped bare of ego, expectation, and bravado. What we have left is grit, tenacity, and humbleness for our fellow teammates, for the workout, and for the sport of fitness itself.

One of my athletes, Patrick, just started taking my classes not too long ago and had run a 10K. I said, ‘ok, what’s next? A half marathon?’ And the response was, ‘What?! No way.’ But, then the seed was planted. Four weeks later, he was running the Brooklyn Half Marathon .. which was this past Saturday.

Here are his thots and his rock star picture post race! To say that I am proud of him for doing something he thought was impossible is an understatement. He, like many of my athletes, are re-defining the possible. They are showing themselves what is possible. If they can do that each and every day..well, that is a winning formula for life!

So, meet Patrick. Be inspired, and watch what happens in your own life!

Patrick Post Brooklyn Half

Patrick Post Brooklyn Half

“After multiple fractures in my left leg from a skiing accident 2 years ago, my physical therapist suggested I train for something like a 5k as part of my recovery. My first race I clocked about 32 minutes. I kept running 5 & 10ks and was slowly but surely improving. It was when I joined CrossFitNYC that I really started to see big, fast improvements. After my 47min 10k four weeks ago, Heidi convinced me to enter the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I thought she was crazy, but I did it. I did three Endurance classes and one WOD each week for three weeks and only ran a 7 and 10 mile distance run before the Half. My personal goal was 2 hours. I did it in 1:52. CrossFitNYC’s Koolaid is delicious and addictive!”

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