CrossFit Games Regional WOD 2013 Event 6 & My Judge…

April 6th, 2014

So, I did one of the Regionals WODs from 2013..and had Coach Zoe as a judge!

Please note how she is ‘In it to Win it’ until the Shoulder to Overheads and then quite literally goes to sleep for the walking lunge!

And yes…I listen to country when I workout. Why? Bc after 4-6 hours of hip hop in class, I need a break…tho I do love me some Nicki Minaj & Lil Jon when it gets ugly!

CrossFit is….

October 24th, 2013

CrossFit is ‘a disruption in the traditional distribution model of fitness training.’ Great story on the business of CrossFit and what it CrossFit actually is! Read it here and find out how this sport is literally blowing up!

Are all fitness apps created equal?

October 17th, 2013

If there is anyone who loves technology…it’s this girl!

I love my gadgets and apps that not only enhance the user experience, but grow with you.

I was asked by Prevention Magazine online to contribute to an article on the question of, ‘are all apps created equal?’ Check out my thoughts in the Prevention Magazine online article here and more of my thoughts below.

I love apps and technology that motivate a person to become healthier and fitter. And while not all apps are created equal, there are a few out there that do the trick.

The key to a good app, in my opinion, is the ability to change with you and your fitness level and to adapt to certain days when some workouts just don’t apply based on your life, sleep or stress.

One of my favorite apps that satisfies much of the above is Gorilla Workout. I like this app because it allows the user to pick a level of fitness proficiency and then over time, the workouts progressively get harder as the user completes them.

It grows with you as you become fitter. There is no guessing of what workouts to do because it literally becomes your personal trainer each day with new workouts.

In addition, it allows the user to change levels at any time in the event you over or underestimate your fitness on any given day.

I also love the My WOD app for CrossFitters.
It tracks your workouts, provides workouts when you are not at a CrossFit box, or if you lack equipment for a certain workout, it also provides alternatives.

You can also input workouts directly from your own gym and even create your own workouts. This is the best all in one app I have found for CrossFitters or people who have wanted to try out CrossFit.

As Head Coach at Brick New York, motivation is not something that is in short supply for my workouts. However, I do like to see how much I have been active in any given day and the Nike Fuel Band and its app does that for me.

They use accelerometers to measure activity and the user has a goal each day. I can’t tell you the number of times I check out my fuel point count and also compare it with others. Even though I will workout every day, it’s the amount of points I rack up that keeps me going. I love reaching my goals as much as the next person and the Nike Fuel Band has become the device that tells me with one push of the button how hard the workout day has been for me.

Kettlebell Kitchen

October 7th, 2013

For the Paleo-conscious CrossFitter, it can be a confusing world of what to eat, where to buy the ingredients and how to make it. Well, confusing, until now.

Now, there are several companies who are doing the hard work for you. They have bought the ingredients, cooked the food and now it’s just down to what you will select with a click of your mouse for delivery.

I decided to try Kettlebell Kitchen. It’s a food delivery service run by CrossFitters, Paleo-eaters and as their website says, ‘full-time job havers.’

You can order a la cart or they have put together meal plans for lunch and dinner. I decided to order Andy’s Easy Order 6-pack. It includes 5 meals plus a Paleo granola mixture.

The meals were delivered to Brick New York where I picked up the following five meals: Pulled Pork, Lime Chicken Stir Fry, Plantain Lasagna, KBK Mighty Meatloaf and 5-spice Chicken Meatballs.

I started with the Plantain Lasagne. photo-65 I was definitely skeptical that this lasagne could hold a candle to mama italiana’s meatball lasagne at this little place that I love in Little Italy.

All it took was my first bite to realize you can’t compare mama’s homemade lasagne with this because this was taking lasagne to another and much healthier level. I loved the texture of the plantain. It was dense with a thick consistency and coated with a subtle, but spicy tomato sauce. The grass-fed meat inside was delicious and it was served with a side of squash and vegetables that were also seasoned well. I definitely give two thumbs up to the plantain lasagne because it was different from anything I have ever had and my wheat-banned belly was very happy the ‘noodles’ were plantains and not semolina.

Next up, chicken meatballs with tomato sauce, sweet potato mash and broccoli. All I have to say is ‘You need to order this!’ This was delicious from start to finish. Tender meatballs in a really well-seasoned sauce. The spice was mild enough to be delicious but not boring. And then there was the sweet potato mash. It was incredible by itself. The broccoli was really good merely because it retained it’s crunch after microwaving.

I tried the Lime Chicken stir fry for lunch on the second day. It was predictably good, but not a favorite of mine. The chicken was cubed and tender but there was nothing exceptional about this entree. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything to text home about after tasting the Plantain Lasagne or the Chicken Meatballs.

Next up, the KBK Mighty Meatloaf. photo-64In one phrase–it tasted like home. The meatloaf was delicious and tender with a similar tomato sauce to the meatballs and the lasagne. While it might be nice to vary the sauces–if in fact they are the exact same–I can also support the opinion of, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, the one thing I wasn’t fond of was the broccoli rabe. Let me preface by saying, I do like broccoli rabe. However, this was so garlic infused as to be, well, not tasty.

However, this is a definite ‘order again’ entree.

The final meal was the pulled pork.
Boy did I save the BEST FOR LAST!
This was as good as the best pulled pork I have had in Texas.
And it was a serving-full and then some.


It was shredded pork and, as an added surprise, chunks of pork in a really incredible sauce. Completely tender and I could envision it falling off of the proverbial bone.

There was no fat to speak of and it was beyond filling. They served the pulled pork with a really tasty cabbage and broccoli.

Bottom line: Kettlebell kitchen is on to something really special, especially as their menu expands.
It’s most definitely the new way to order take-in for CrossFitters and those who want to eat healthier. I love that KB Kitchen is using local suppliers for their vegetables and grass fed beef for their meats.

They have made it easier for those of us who are conscious of what we put into our bodies to do it right. In addition, some of these meals are just so good that it’s hard to believe that it’s coming to me fresh out of my microwave. Great job, KB Kitchen. Look for another order from me soon!

Friday’s CrossFit Endurance WOD

July 18th, 2013

Here it is!

We are going out this week with a bang!
It is time to set your fastest mile on Friday with a MILE FOR TIME!

With a twist…my boys…and I have decided this mile will be run as a theme! The theme: Short Shorts Friday!

So…wear your best Prefontaine short shorts and get ready to run your fastest mile YET!

Shorty Shorts!

Shorty Shorts!

The Original "Pre"

The Original “Pre”

Thursday’s CrossFit WOD

July 18th, 2013

5 rounds:
1 pull up, 2 push ups
2 pull ups, 4 push ups
3 pull ups, 6 push ups

Round ends when either movement is not done unbroken. Score is number of total reps in lowest round. Rest as much as needed between rounds.

Wall balls
Toes to bar


Wednesday’s CrossFit WOD

July 17th, 2013

“Time to Roll The Dice”
Teams of 4
At the start of the clock, 1 team member will roll a set of dice.
Every team member must complete the exercise shown on the dice before rolling the dice for the next exercise. Time Cap of 20minutes. Total is highest rep score.

2=2 wall climbs
3=3 handstand pushups
4=4 pistols (2 per leg)
5=5 burpees
6=6 hand release pushups
7=7 box jumps (24#/20#)
8=8 walking lunges w/plate overhead (45#/25#)
9=9 wall balls
10=1X400m run
11=11 ab mat situps
12=12 air squats


Tuesday’s CrossFit WOD

July 15th, 2013

8 rounds: Squat clean + hang clean + split jerk 1+1+1


Monday’s CrossFit Endurance WOD

July 15th, 2013

3-athlete Relay
2 people will sprint 300meters while the other teammate does a modality.
Each person will end up sprinting 10X150m & do one set of the following exercises.

Mt. Climbers
Air Squats



July 12th, 2013

Talk about positive!
Watch…Get a little teary eyed…and be inspired to NEVER GIVE UP .. no matter what life deals out!

YouTube Preview Image